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Default Re: My own Benchmark

Yeah you guys were right i did leave vsynch on by mistake . I redid it and got this higher score...

Stock 370/1000
Benchmark duration: 22.001(s).
Total number of frames: 1933.
Minimum number of frames: 83.9278.
Maximum number of frames: 104.61.
Average number of frames: 87.8595.

Overclocked 420/1100
Benchmark duration: 22.002(s).
Total number of frames: 2187.
Minimum number of frames: 94.8487.
Maximum number of frames: 117.139.
Average number of frames: 99.4.
EVGA 8800GTS 640Mb @ 640core/1900Mem
Antec p180 with 4 120mm fans running at 1500rpm
Thermaltake Toughpower 750watt power supply
Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Xtrememusic
Zalman Resarator plus (cooling vid cards and cpu @ 40c)
Athlon+@2.9 34c Idle 47c Load
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