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Default Re: 3dmark03 crashing/rate my system

Originally Posted by kraigc
I agree with Gator on everything except the 6800NU. Yes, do away with the 5600. If you dont play many graphics intensive games, then the 5900 will work fine for you. If you play the newer games(Doom3), then skip the 6800 NU and go straight to the GT. Difference of 128 vs 256M RAM and 12 vs 16 pipelines. The $100 price difference between the NU and GT is worth it IMO.
If he purchased a 5600XT then we can assume he is on a strict budget. That's why I didn't even mention the 6800GT, because the 6800NU would already be stretching his budget. And the FX5900XT should be considered a bare minimum in this case. See my point?
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