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Default Re: will gforce fx5200 work with a intel celeron

Originally Posted by iammrfarrukh
will a gforcefx 5200 graphics card work with a 2.6 ghz intel celeron. i hope it does bcuz i ordered the card. i ordered it bcuz my fps was really low in cs its only 10 when i m not moving when i move its like 5 or 6. could it just be bcuz of my ram my ram is 256 mb ddr. if u need any thing else to answer my quiesto=ion ask me plz.
We need to know if you have an AGP slot. Open the computer and you should have a few white slots, and then you may have a brown slot that is similar in size. If you have the brown slot that is similar in size to the white slots, then yes you have AGP. If you have AGP, get something more powerful than a FX5200. I'm not sure what your budget is, but for $130 you could get an FX5700, for $180 an FX5900XT, for $200 a Radeon 9800Pro, and for $280 a 6800NU.

If you only have white PCI slots, then get a Radeon 9100 128bit PCI. It is very important you get the 128bit version, Visiontek makes one. The 64bit version is much slower.
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