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Originally Posted by Burnt_Ram
Buggy POS ! 61.77's. even with my 6800 4x aa 8x af i get pauses etc. tried the sound trick didnt help in the least ! fricken game runs NO BETTER than it does on my 5900 .. very dissapointed !!!!
Have you tried playing around with your AGP Aperture Size? I had some pauses in games like Far Cry and bumping it up from the default 64MB to 256MB did the trick.

Also, I saw my friend have a similar problem on his 6800 Ultra and the problem went away after we dropped his overclock down a bit. Apparently there was some clock-throttling going on with his card. A few extra FPS isn't worth it a the cost of system stability IMHO.

This may or may not apply to your particular situation but I thought the information might benefit someone here.
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