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Default Re: My own Benchmark

Benchmark duration: 22.0073(s).
Total number of frames: 2054.
Minimum number of frames: 47.9588.
Maximum number of frames: 101.713.
Average number of frames: 93.3327.

Just did this quick run with a moded 5950u bios set at 300/510/970 !

However not anywhere near the quality of display shown at first post. Mine has BLUE elephant and pillers. Is this what should happen with a FX5900 card ????


And this run with my usual moded 5950u bios set at 300/530/970,

Benchmark duration: 22.0038(s).
Total number of frames: 2102.
Minimum number of frames: 49.7856.
Maximum number of frames: 104.154.
Average number of frames: 95.5289.

Obviously the frame count has gone up, but are there norms for different graphics cards to use as a ref of performance ??
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Intel P4 3.2 @ 3.85GHz (ASUS P4C800E-Deluxe)
BFG 6800GS (16x1,6vp) @ 300/430/1200.

Driver, 82.12 :-
Aquamark3, 75039
Codecreatures1, 90.8
3Dmark05 v120, 6195
3Dmark03 v360, 14334
3Dmark06 v102, 2949
3Dmark2001se v330, 23793.

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