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Default NForce2 sound and Mandrake 10 problems

all right guys, heres my problem: I am kinda new to linux, but I have run it before...I used the FAQ for installing the drivers for my network card works, but my sound doesn't...I installed both drivers with the file from NVidia's site here(newest version)...after reading the FAQ, i found out that I needed to remove the drivers that Linux automatically installs by editing the modules.conf and the modprobe.conf files(which i did, to no avail).....i tried to comment out the other drivers that were installed, to no avail...i am lost on this...anyone know what might be my problem? I know it is a conflicting driver issue, just not sure how to fix it...

any info would be greatly appreciated and soon...its driving me nuts not having sound and not being able to listen to music while I am working

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