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Default Re: Was the FX series a failure?

Originally Posted by Pantherman
We all know how ATI won the NV30 vs. R3xx round the last generation and the struggles of the FX series in DX 9.0 games, but do you think the FX series was an overall failure for Nvidia? Even the 5950 Ultra was pathetic in DX 9.0 games whe compared to the 9800 XT. The FX series was not so bad in OpenGL and DX 8.0 games, but I don't think that was enough to save the series. Nvidia messed up big time, but the 6800 series brought it back. I think we should put the FX series behind us as ASAP.

Pantherman, what do you do for a living? Are you the second best in the world at it? Is the company you work for?

My point here is why does the unknown Pantherman take time out of his day to visit the nVidia fan forums and say we need to collectively distance ourselves from the nV30?

Why Pantherman? I have a 6800NU and a 6800GT, but I'll tell you this: If I had a 5900 in my box right now the only games I own I'd be noticing the difference on are Doom3 and Far Cry?

I wasusing a 5800Ultra between March and June, and had no issues with it whatsoever. I traded my 9800Pro for it.

Owning a nV3X card isn't some badge of shame, and you need to stop thinking about nVidia like it was some guy you know. They're a hardware manufacturer, not your best buddy, you don't need to disassociate yourself from them if they make a product that's second best once in a while instead of first. It's hard to be first all the time, I'm thinking the people who make posts like this haven't worked yet.
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