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Default Re: Computer hangs at splash screen.

Could you please share your solution, since I have similar problem X freezing with the NV logo.

Bequiet 400 W PSU
AMD 64 3500+
Asus A8V with lates bios from Asus
PNY Verto GF 6800 GT (with molex for extra power connected

FC 2 with 2.6.8-1.521 kernel
NVidia 6111 driver

Last message in the states that X is loading extension NV_CONTROL or something like that. After that there is nothing. Also nothing remarkable in dmesg nor in messages.

After loading nvidia driver manually in runlevel 3 files in proc/drivers/nvidia/agp state that both card and host-bridge claim agp 8x and sba capability.

agp settings in xorg.conf seem to have no effect - though I haven't tried nvagp since agpgart has been compiled into the kernel.

This problem has some interesting points:

- My old GeForce 2 GTS works flawlessly with same software config incl. 3D
- The 6800 works "fine" with vesa driver

So this leaves me with a question: Am I missing something trivial or have I got faulty card?

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