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Default Siluro Gf4Ti4200-Srceen goes blank...

So: I have a soon to be 2 years old config:Abit kx7-333-->via 4in1 4.53, Abit Siluro Gf4Ti4200 64-->Detonator/forceware 61.77 and when windows starts, right after the welcome screen (and in random (0.5-1.5 hrs) there after) the screen goes blank (and ALWAYS when installing vs.net2k3), then after 0.2 sec it comes back. Even when i get to the display properties/nvidia tab (where all the shiny settings are, it blinks again), it does it just like when i set the timing formula to something different (first i thought it might be because it's on auto, so it detects it at boot and that's why, but when explicitly setting it on something it still blinks)
With 41.09 it didn't blink at boot, but sometimes when i was peogramming/browsing the offline msdn it blinked, and when the screen came back the mouse cursor was distorted (i had to move it around to fix it)

What's thjis, is there a fix, is my gpu damaged??? (the system is not overclocked)
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