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Default Re: Fedora Core 2 - works fine, except freezing in bzflag after 5 minutes

Hi again...

Well, I found two or three more things out...

1) When bzflag or glxgears lock up, I can still ssh in. The mouse still moves. The keyboard doesn't work (Ctrl-alt-backspace and ctrl-alt-f1/f2/f3 don't work).

2) If I tell bzflag to use a lower resolution than 1600x1200, I can play a lot longer (but bzflag just froze a few minutes ago; when it unfroze (15 seconds later) I immediately hit F12 to get out). However, some resolution settings cause the display to explode into a lot of pretty colored pixels. If I leave bzflag, the display doesn't restore itself. If bzflag has any display settings at all in its configuration file, starting it will cause the pixel explosion, even with display settings that work. I have to manually edit the config file before starting bzflag, then pick a lower resolution (1024x768 preferably) once bzflag is started.

3) When I've sshed in, bzflag.elf and X are the top two processes, using all cpu. I can kill off bzflag.elf, but when I kill off X (which is restarted immediately by kdm), the display goes black, and the new X process cannot be killed off, even with kill -9.
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