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Default Re: Was the FX series a failure?

Originally Posted by Pantherman
We all know how ATI won the NV30 vs. R3xx round the last generation and the struggles of the FX series in DX 9.0 games, but do you think the FX series was an overall failure for Nvidia? Even the 5950 Ultra was pathetic in DX 9.0 games whe compared to the 9800 XT. The FX series was not so bad in OpenGL and DX 8.0 games, but I don't think that was enough to save the series. Nvidia messed up big time, but the 6800 series brought it back. I think we should put the FX series behind us as ASAP.
This thread is pointless !

If it had been headed "The FX series is a Failure", then it would fit in more with your negative but obviously uninformed view of things !

Have you ever owned a FX card, and if so, what harm did it do to you. And, never mind saying it was not as good as percieved by a ATI card user for certain games etc. That actually doesn't matter, as the only real criteria is whether it worked within your needs, for what you paid.

Also, the best graphics card in the world will work crap when installed in the worst performing computer. So what you get from your graphics card has just as much if not more to do with the rest of your computer setup !

What is your problem or agenda, are you a ATI fanboy or what ?

In spite of some bad Press and/or Political hype, the FX series of card has actually shown to perform very well, especially the 59xx series. Which is why so many, including myself, bought one, and don't regret it !
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