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Yes, "Heinrich's Realistic Blood Mod" works for Spearhead. When I played AA, I downloaded every single bloodmod and tried each in turn to pick the best one. Heinrich's was the best over-all IMHO, because it gives a good body-hit puff and the splats on walls and floors are not huge like some others. It definitely seemed like the most realistic to me, and has been called "the best blood mod" on a few fan/clan sites. Heinrich's website is; you can find it there.

Other AA mods may mess up Spearhead because they apparently alter certain things? The scene in Normandy where you have to knock out the Panzer with the Flak88 is a good example. If you have a certain AA MP map in your main folder (I did), the tank will take no damage from the Flak. I forget which maps/mods cause problems, but theres a thread on MOHAA official forums that says. I wanted to be safe so I removed all maps and mods from my main folder except the blood mod. Then I was finally able to destroy the tank.

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