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Originally Posted by Kamel
might i suggest a .png as opposed to a .gif? .png's have much more accurate alpha layers than .gifs do, and look _much_ better; especially when changing the background from white to black etc. the only problem with it is i heard that internet exploader doesn't always render them properly (not so that you can't see them, but with a white background sometimes instead of transparent). i can't confirm or deny this though.
PNGs do have a lot of positives over the old GIF format. But as you pointed out, compatibility is more important for the time being so we'll stick with GIF. There are also some exploits in the PNG format under Firefox which can bring the browser down immediately.

Dark text on a pure white background is not the ideal contrast scenario for easier readability. We might look into making the posts' background area a light shade of gray or blue instead of white.

This is a good thread, good stuff.
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