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By the way guys, some of the new weapons/MP improvements (cant lean while you run, etc.) and especially the large, multiple-objective team Tug-of-War maps got me thinking.

I want to try MP like it was America's Army. A small fireteam composed of different weapons, like a rifleman for long-range, SMG guy for close-in, etc. Good team communication, leap-frog advances under mutual cover, and so on. Some of the objectives are tough to get at if you dont have help, and there's alot more room and opportunity on the Tug-of-War maps for actual squad tactics than there was on AA MP.

Scope out the Tug-of-War maps and you'll see what I mean. There are several heavy-weapon emplacements all over them (Flak88s, MG42s, 20mm AAs, Mortars, etc.) that if turned into a team "firebase" could dominate the whole map. Even a small team, if working together, could win every time, even if the rest of the squad's off Rambo-ing.

If anyone's interested, let me know.
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