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Talking Re: Was the FX series a failure?

I think the problem was that after the agressive marketing, everyone was waiting for nv30 and when it arrived, it performed worse than r300.
That fact made that a lot of people to say that the card sucked, but form me, it only was slower than her oponent ( at that time I had an 8500 hehehe )
Sometime ago, I purchased an AIW9800Se but without luck on the mod so I sold it ( it performed surprisingly well ) so I bought a 9700 Pro ( deception ) sold it and got a 9800pro ( 2nd hand )...graphical I returned it for 512 Kingston ddr, 9100 128megs and money and when I saw a 5900 NU for the same price I was going to pay for a 9600xt... ( 160€ with shipping )
Now I am very pleased with this card, with its overclocking capabilities, bioses, drivers...
So for now, IŽll wait sometime...until this card gets obsolete, to get another card ^^

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