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Default Re: Was the FX series a failure?

Originally Posted by -=DVS=-
You all keep defending your purshase which is so Bias , it was a failure to Nvidia and that is why

1. It missed dead line and first NV30 was released way later then R300 ( Nvidia lost customers )
2. Nvidia received negative views from alot of people remember Dustbuster cartoons ?
3. Performed slower then excpected bad PR alot of lies remember ?,
4. Even Nvidia them selfs buryed all info regarding NV30 (5800) you woun't find it anymore at .

Later revisions were improvements but still lacking power and finess , so if its not a success for company must be a failure , at time competition had better card plain and simple why denie it remember we compareing Nvidia to ATI not some hopeless 3rd party companys XGI .. ect.
If I didn't like your avatar so much, I'd punch you in the nose!

Anyway the "no 5800 on nVidia's site"is BS:

BTW- it's a free country, so no one needs to "defend" purchases? I bought a 9700P, 9800P, and 3 5800s. Woot.
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