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Default Re: Was the FX series a failure?

Originally Posted by Kamel
it's hard to say a whole series is a failure or not....

fx5200 with 64bit memory bus (or pci version) = failure
fx5700u = winnar
I wouldn't call the 5700U a winner. It was/is priced the same as the FX5900XT for so long yet the FX5900XT outperforms it. A very silly idea in my opinion. The FX5700NU on the otherhand was a sweet deal at $130 because many overclock well. 5700NU is good for the money, 5700U is not.

And you forgot to mention the FX5200U. Less than $100 and it perform decent in most games as I mentioned earlier. Obviously not an ideal card, but acceptable provided you don't play above 1024x768 or use AA/AF.
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