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Default Re: no sound with latest nforce drivers (1.0-0283)

I'm getting the same problem as you as well. Have tried compiling the kernel with and without alsa support and OSS.

I read somewhere that alsa support can be left enabled in the kernel as long as three oss emulation related options are turned off:
OSS PCM (digital audio) API
OSS Sequencer API

once these have been turned off all the is left to do is enable OSS by compiling in :
Open Sound System (DEPRECATED)
as a module.

Tried this but still no luck, everything seems to have been installed fine. Indeed when I open up xmms to play a mp3 (after installing the correct mp3 rpm ) and select the audio output as using the OSS it will tryn and play the mp3 for a few seconds then stops, producing no audio in that short space of time.

However uncommenting the snd-intel8x0 and returning to the old alsa drivers and rebooting the sounds works again for the analogue, but the nvidia drivers no longer seem to function correctly (all options in the information page ofthe nvmixer are blank).

Getting quite annoying now, just need somebode who has got these drivers working to post what exactly they have compiled in there kernel as to oss and alsa support (and potentially if they are modules or built into the kernel). And also what they have in thier modprobe.conf, i.e what have they enabled and disabled.

anyhow sorry for the long post, first one as well so hope i'm not jumping in at the deep end.

as a note I'm running fc2 and the latest kernel; 2.6.8-1.521 with a asus a7n8x-e deluxe mobo
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