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Default Re: no sound with latest nforce drivers (1.0-0283)

screaming kid/ But i don't wanna /screaming kid

.. but seriously, i'm not a hardcore linux person, but i do want to use it as an alternative to windows. The major problem for me so far is being able to use the spdif, have never got it to work before and I finally hoped nvidia had created a driver to sort this so I could finally use linux full time. I still hope this is the case, as this driver does seem to work for some people. Just need those people to look at these thread and post some answers !!

I have also tried disabling apic, lapic and acpi in ther kernel and the bootloader, neither seemed to help, and they don;t seem to affect me even when they are enabled. Ho hum, guess we just wait for those lucky people who have it working to see this and help us.
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