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Default dual screen woas


i am addicted to my dual screens so when a buddy of mine had a creative geforce3 Ti for sale i checked if it had the ability to plug in two screens. unlike my old geforce2 400 one of he plugs was a different plug( for lcd screen i think), but i got a little adaptor , so it would fit - the card also has a tv-out, but that,s ot relevant right now-. I installed the card and i can not get the dual screen to work. i downloaded the latest detonator drivers, but nowhere can i find a mention of the dual screen option. right now the screens are running in "clone" mode but i can not find the menu to change it. i am running win2000 and i have lookd both in the display options and the desktop properties, as well as in the nview settings but can not find it annyware

Anny help is greatly appreciated, and i will respond to anny and all questions as soon as possible
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