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Default Re: Was the FX series a failure?

The FX series was certainly inferior to R3xxx. I think the series was Nvidia's worst to date. It allowed ATI to catch up to Nvidia and surpass it. It was definitely a bump for Nvidia. DX9 games had to be highly optimized for NV3x to get any kind of decent performance. the 6800 series works much better with shader-intensive games and doesn't need such optimizations. I guess calling the FX series a failure may be somewhat drastic, but it certainly can't be called a complete success. Nvidia lost the crown to ATI and who can forget the dismal FX 5800 Ultra. THAT card was definitely a complete failure.

I started this post to get people thinking about the FX series and how Nvidia has bounced back with the 6800. I personally had a 5900 nu in one of my systems. I liked its performance in OpenGL and DX9 games, but I knew its time was over when Far Cry came out. The FX 5950 Ultra was the only FX series card worth anything.
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