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Thumbs down Re: Was the FX series a failure?

Originally Posted by Pantherman
The FX series was certainly inferior to R3xxx. I think the series was Nvidia's worst to date. It allowed ATI to catch up to Nvidia and surpass it.
Hmmm. What do you do Pantherman? Are you the best in the world now, and have been since you've been doing it?
If not, are you a failure?

It was definitely a bump for Nvidia. DX9 games had to be highly optimized for NV3x to get any kind of decent performance.
Which games were those Pantherman?

the 6800 series works much better with shader-intensive games and doesn't need such optimizations.
That's usually the way it works, things get better as time goes by.

I guess calling the FX series a failure may be somewhat drastic, but it certainly can't be called a complete success.
Neither can you be called a complete success, most likely. If the 5800U was a "failure" as the second best achievement of it's kind, I wonder what your parents think of you, wallowing in the middle of the pack?

Nvidia lost the crown to ATI and who can forget the dismal FX 5800 Ultra. THAT card was definitely a complete failure
Nice how you come on the nVidia fan board and flame away at a card many of us hold near and dear to our hearts. (unlike the utterly boring 9700P/9800Ps we all had as well)

What do you do when you're not here? Post pro Nazi propaganda on Jewish discussion forums?

I started this post to get people thinking about the FX series and how Nvidia has bounced back with the 6800.
No you posted it because you're an immature lil' fella and you wanted to anger people and stir up controversy.

I personally had a 5900 nu in one of my systems. I liked its performance in OpenGL and DX9 games, but I knew its time was over when Far Cry came out.
Perhaps you should consider the feelings of those who lack your means to buy a new card when they get a game that doesn't run great on their backup computer.

The FX 5950 Ultra was the only FX series card worth anything.
So says the oracle of all knowledge video.
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