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Default Re: Was the FX series a failure?

The FX was surely not a success.....which means in corporate money making America, if it didnt failed.

The 52/5600 were garbage. Nvidia had problems with the high-end sector and didnt focus enough on the mid-range until it was too late. The 5600nu and U were getting their butts handed to them by ti 4200 and 4600's. That isnt good buisness. Especially when you try to tout " dx9 ready" justify the purchase of a mid range solution over the previous generations best. It's bad because their touting of dx9 was a shot to their foot. It couldnt handle dx9 at all and to be blunt..still cant.

The 5800 was too warm, too big, too loud, too slow, too late.

The 5900 ran cooler, quieter and was pushed out the door immediatlely...but still lacked performance.

When the competition has a card that kills your card at the same price range-it's considered failure.. And the only reason to NOT get a 9800 pro over a 5900 is due to being a fan of a company. Which is fine if thats your thing-but the FX line was a failure-nvidia suffered tons of cheating allegations, their cards ran at only 4 pipelines...not the 8 claimed, and games like tomb raider : aod, far cry, halo, flight simulator 04, and other dx9 titles also didnt help the credibility of the card. Jen himself said it was a failure-isnt that proof enough? I dropped my 5900nu like a bad habit and jumped right for a 9800 pro. Best choice I made last cycle.

The nv40 is a much better product...but nvidia still has a dark cloud hanging over their head from the FX line-which also points to it being a failure.
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