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Smile Re: Was the FX series a failure?

Every company will have its share of "hits" and "misses." That's just the way things are in this business. ATI had its share of misses until the 9700 Pro came along. Nvidia was working magic until the FX came out. Nvidia came out with an entirely new architecture with the 6800 series while ATI continued the R3xx legacy with the X800 Pro and XT. Nvidia definitely has a winner on its hands with the 6 series.

As for the immature rantings and petty jealousies of some on this board, I say GROW UP!!!!! I'm not trying to show up anyone here. While I have two systems with 6800 GTs, I'm not trying to show off to anyone. My systems are hardly "state-of-the-art" anyway. Don't always assume that someone's motives are bad.

The bottom line is that Nvidia is back and has proven to be a real competitor.
The FX series is now in the past. Soon the 6600 GT will be released and everyone will be able to use the 6 series technology. That's certainly good news. Let's see how ATI responds to this new product.
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