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Cool Re: Was the FX series a failure?

This is debatable , other companys with total failure also support and sell cards that doesn't make them winers ! XGI sell they cards even if they are crap
(Noone specifyed what is a Failure)
So yes you can say none of the cards is a failure they do run games , maybe even at playable 30FPS or more + , but if competition runs it twice as fast its pretty obvious one is better.

Situation is same when we compare Nvidias FX series with Atis R300.
Both cards can run games at acceptable 30FPS in any DX9 games so does that make them both winers ?
1 != 2 , there can't be two winers one must be Successor other a Failure see my point Chris

Its realy easy to compare FX to R300 , would be harder with X800 and 6800.
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