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Angry ASUS V9950 GE + SuSE 9.1 + TV-out

I have a asus v9950ge videocard (5900 XT) and I have a strange problem...
I use the latest nvidia driver I have proper configured my twinview (or I think I have) and I encounter the following problem:
On the primary screen I have image, all is ok, but I have no out-put on TV, even I have no errors, all I get is a black screen . On nvidia-settings window I see that my tv is enabled but..... no picture

My second problem is with the console
with alt F1... F8 all i get are some flashing rectangles on my screen, even I dónt use frame buffer.

I was try to use nvtv, but my tv chipset is not recognised... so all I have to do for seeing movies on my tv is to use windows...

So, any idea if there is a proper twinview configuration program for suse 9.1 or I have a buggy card.... because from what I have read asus + linux give more problems...

In the hope that I will receive a help, or something close to a help, I tank you guys !
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