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Default Re: Was the FX series a failure?

Originally Posted by Pantherman
As for the immature rantings and petty jealousies of some on this board, I say GROW UP!!!!! I'm not trying to show up anyone here. While I have two systems with 6800 GTs, I'm not trying to show off to anyone. My systems are hardly "state-of-the-art" anyway. Don't always assume that someone's motives are bad.
LOL- my don't you think a lot of yourself? Assuming others are "jealous" of you?

Your post is assinine trolling is the reason I flamed you.

Your childish summarization of the video card industry adds nothing to the board, and is disrespectful of those here who own nV3X cards and those who have.

"Yes, nVidia was on top of the game until the nV30 brought them to their knees. The revelations of Shady Days showed us all how the 9700Pro would be a better DX9 card if HL2 ever comes out. nVidia lost the crown."

Your post reads like a sixth graders essay for a nightly homework assignment.
I'll grade it like they would have when I was in school, before we had to make everyone feel good:
C-: lacks specificity, over generalized, no examples.

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