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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 and Source DX 9 performance...

The real FPS valves for the DX9 Path on an NV3X are even lower than the values you can see at FiringSquad. The Water is not transparent on an NV3X it is simply not there. If I fake my NV35 deviceid in an NV40 deviceid the water is back and the FPS are lower than before. Someone else use an NV3X id with a R3XX Chip and the water disappeared again. Looks like a strange engine bug.

btw: I got a nice speed improvment (up to 50%) after I activate partial precision (FP16) on all shaders. Maybe there are some more % possible if someone make the shaders more NV3X friendly. But with more than 2000 shaders this is not a job for a weekend.
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