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Default missing when compiling kdewebdev(Quanta+)


I get "" error missing in directory '/usr/X11R6/lib' while compiling kdewebdev. I've searched the forums and found a solution that suggested making a symlink to "" file in directory '/usr/lib'..

Everything seemed to be working fine except that i was getting " library seems to be moved" errors all the time during the compilation of quanta. What's more, I've noticed that the performance of Quanta after such a compilation is sloow, probably Quanta isn't using hardware acceleration(libGL) at all.

So I asked the same question on Kdewebdev mailing list and the developer said that the '' fix that i'm using is wrong, it shouldn't be used. Unfortunately he didn't have a clue how to cope with the missing library problem. So here are my questions:

1. Why nvidia installer puts the aforementioned library in '/usr/lib' instead of '/usr/X11R6/lib' directory'??

2. Is there a way to fix this problem without the "dirty" symlink hack??

3. Is this problem solved in the latest driver. I'm using 5336 ver. now.
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