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Dexta, there are NO current plans for a PC version. Midway doesn't do PC games anymore unless they are in huge demand. I'm sure if Midway gets enough letters, they may consider outsource the PC porting duties to EuroCom (a UK company very experianced with conversions of Midway titles).

As for how the game is, here's a review I whipped up for it.

MK Deadly Alliance - Flawless Victory?

Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 8.0
Control: 7.5
Gameplay: 9.0
Fun factor: 9.0



Trickling into stores this week in the same fashion as its infamous blood and guts it's known for, MK: Deadly Alliance is the latest installment of the franchise sporting 63 fighting styles, a new fighting engine, and of course the fatalities. Does MKDA have what it takes to return this long forgotten franchise into a contender...or should it have stayed as dead as Johnny Cage?


Graphically, MKDA is stunning. Taking a page from all the current fighters as well as some classic fighters like the vintage Killer Instinct, every arena is jam packed with vivid colors and detail - particles of dust or snow blow around, the marble arena floors have reflective surfaces, villagers travel to and fro or repair their possessions in the background, and there some objects that are interactive. Statues of Buddha will spew fireballs periodically and
the green slop in the Acid Bath arena has its own deadly sprinkler system, giving the fighters more than just their enemy to worry about. Speaking about the fighters themselves, each sport over 7000 polygons each and throughout a fight, their bodies will break down with many cuts, scrapes, bruises and lacerations.

The fighters attire (along with some parts of their anatomy) ripple in the wind or bounce during the fight, adding more to the realism factor. Of course, there's also the blood which sprays or drizzles over the contours of the fighters body and often times a powerful attack to the face will cause the fighter to recoil backward and nurse their trobbing noggin that's just oozing the crimson stuff.


MK music vet Dan Forden scores the music and sound effects in MK: Deadly Alliance and, like always, it finds its own mood depending on the arena or the insensity of the battle. The quality of the samples have improved as the sounds of flesh hitting bone sounds like deep sickening thuds instead of the wet slaps of previous MK games. The weapons clang and ring as the collide with steel (and emit a shower of particle effects graphically) or emit sharp tearing sound with they collide with sinew. And when the screen darkens, the music turns into a spine-tingling warble akin the a Stanley Kubrick horror film.


MK: Deadly Alliance sports the most drastic change to the franchise in the gameplay department, and for the better. Gone are refferences to High Kick and Low Punch - the button layout now gives you attack buttons labled 1 thru 4, a seperate block button, another button for "Special Attack" which can be a
throw, a taunt, an impale, a strafe attack, or a Neijin (a power-up that enhances the damage of your blows for a brief period) depending on the fighting style). The run button goes the way of the dodo as well and in it's place is the ever useful "Change Style" allowing fighters to switch between their three fighting styles at anytime. It is this department where MK Deadly Alliance shines its weight in gold as this button is very instrumental in
custom combo creation and extention.

However, one debated aspect of all MK games is the aspect of skill - previous installments lacked the depth and skill that DOA, Tekken, Soul Calibur, and VF4 have in spades. As a result, MK is often regaled with contempt by the elitists. That is no longer an issue as MK Deadly Alliance's combo system REQUIRES AND
REWARDS ACTUAL RAW SKILL and won't hesitate punishing those that lack it!! In all honestly, the combo might look like an easy array of button mashes from the pause menu's move list, but looks are very deceptive. To put it another way, only the most skilled players will be able to successfully unleash 5+ hit combos that deal 20% or more damage as changing your fighting style to continue the onslaught requires precision timing (often times, it will require the technique of "buffering") as well as a vast knowledge of what attacks to use and when (and you also have to worry about reversals). Defensive players that tend to turtle or toss projectiles won't last long as projectiles are easily avoided by blocking or sidestepping, leaving you wide open for *****dom (especially from Sonya - if she pulls a Neijin then switches back to Kempo...dig your own grave immediately). In a nutshell, pulling off a FATALITY is much, much easier than pulling off huge combos (something that used to be reversed in previous MK games).

The bonus games "Test You Might" and "Test Your Sight" are easy at first but progressively get very hard. In MK1, I could easily break the diamond, but in MKDA, breaking even a steel girder will give you blisters. As for the other bonus game "Test Your Sight", this puts you up against the classic shell game from "The Price Is Right" where a single dragon coin is moved and shuffled around on the table. At later levels, more cups are added and the shuffling speed increases dramatically.


Now comes the more troubling aspect of MK Deadly Alliance as the controls are somewhat irresponsive. You can be holding block and still find yourself getting battered to death, which can be frustrating and pulling off the limited "franchise" style trademark moves can be tough. Then again, I had this much trouble with VF4 so maybe I suck and the controls are dead on...

NOTE: After 12 hours of sleep, the "control issues" went away!


It's been said that the MK franchise was dead or at best in a coma barely hanging on life support. But now, thanks to Deadly Alliance, the dragon hath awakened, yanked the IVs, and ate the nearest orderly's head off.

MK Deadly Alliance shouldn't be passed off just because it's MK. Those that do will be depriving themselves of one very entertaining fighting experiance as well as the best installment of the classic bloodfest since MK2. There's plenty of gaming goodness here to please the veterans of the series with all the goodies to unlock. Although it slightly (and I mean very slightly) falls short of the depth of that found in Tekken, VF4 and Soul Calibur, there's just enough depth to keep you busy as well as attract the diehard Tekken/VF4 gurus.

Midway set to overhaul the MK franchise and put the focus on the actual fighting and they weren't lying - MK Deadly Alliance is ALL about KOMBAT - in both weapons and hand-to-hand based arts - which no other fighting game has. Of course there's no Kombat without a side order of Fatalities and again no other fighting game has them, either.

With such a mixture of what makes the other fighters so great along with their own originality (the changing of fighting styles on the fly, tons of unlockable secrets, behind-the-scenes DVD extras, etc.), MK Deadly Alliance is a must-have game, pure and simple. Not just for the fans, but for the naysayers that preached "MK is dead" like a mantra. Afterall - it might be easier for them to buy this game than it is to find a restaurant that offers broasted crow as a main course, which is what they really deserve.
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