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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 and Source DX 9 performance...

Originally Posted by svetli_pp
The reason why FX cards are so slow in DX9 Source is Valve. I am sure they do their dirty "little" tricks to promote ATI which badly needs it after devastating Doom3 benchmark results. But.... considering HL2 will be out around the release of HL3 and that DX8.1 path is almost indiscernible to DX9 I think everything is similar to last year HLbenchmarking fuss. ATI needs it and it gets it -> after all Valve are very obligated for selling their game with XT series without having game at all. So lets wait and see when HL2 is around and 7800Ultra maybe how everything will settle down
Erm, right. So they are using dirty tricks to make the FX cards slower, because the 6800 cards are faster in Doom3, yet they don't touch the 6800 cards. Yep, makes perfect sense.
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