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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 and Source DX 9 performance...

At first I was a bit suprised, but then I remembered that the Source stress test is almost entirely shader limited. Obviously, the FX series has poor DX9 performance, but in most cases this doesn't have that big of an impact in-game since it's only a small part of the rendering procedure. But this benchmark does confirm my early suspictions: that the Source "benchmark" concentrates almost entirely on DX9 shader effects and is a fairly poor way to judge how the actual game will perform. Look at the HUGE gap between DX8 and DX9 modes with the FX cards: what games have anywhere near as big a performance hit on the FX series when going from DX8 to DX9 mode? Even Farcry only has at most a 40% hit when using DX9 mode on FX cards with full precision.

BTW, what ever happened to Valve's "mixed mode" that they used in Half-life 2 for FX cards? Did they totally abandon that idea after last year's E3 or something?
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