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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 and Source DX 9 performance...

Originally Posted by -=DVS=-
Nothing new here , FX never did well in DX9 , thats why we had Flamy thread about FX Failure it does good in DX8 , but DX9 even 9600 outperforms 5950 , situation is reverse in Doom 3
well, normally, a 5950 is equal to a 9800pro(when running fp16, with all optimizations)
a 5950 slaughters a 9600 in farcry...
yet it doesnt in hl2
both are dx9
plus, i remember seeing different results where the 5950 does really good in hl2
(they mentioned they forced dx9.0, buts still looked like dx8.1, ring any bells?)
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