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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 and Source DX 9 performance...

Originally Posted by Subtestube
I've never really had a play with the late models of the FX series, but as I say, if simple FX DX 9.0 performance can't explain this problem, it really could be that it's trying to emulate some SM 2.0b functions. Once again, I stress that I don't know how well an FX5950 should perform when doing full precision shader calculations under the SM 2.0 spec, but if it really should be that much better than the 9600 under such conditions, then something like that could EASILY explain it. Any of you remember running NV30 emulate back in the day? Well it'd be like that, only possible somewhat faster as nowhere near as much would be emulated.
Wasn't Shader Model 2.0 only amended w/ 2.0b functionality w/ ATI's most recent R420 based cards? I'm pretty sure the NV35 has Shader Model 2.0+ which has more hardware capability than the 9600's 2.0 in DX9... I still hope they bring back mixed mode, but I suspect that nVidia will release a shader replacement driver a month after the game is released that'll bring down the performance delta.
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