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Default Re: Modding a XpertVision 5900XT

Originally Posted by jimmor
You can't mod it into a 5900ultra, only ultra speeds of 450/850 if thats what you wanted. Although overclocking it to max stable speeds would probably be better choice.

Whether any extra fps would be worth the no cost effort, only you can say after having tried it ??

Thanks for the reply

I Thought Ive seen people flash there bios of this XT card into other Geforce FX's ? maybe not a 5900 Ultra but maybe a 5950? anyways i overclock it to a max of 460/780 and it gets me 800 more marks in 3dmark2001se, it isnt to bad, i get 5500 in 3d mark 03 overclocked, so thats 500 more then stock, its not bad i guess, just wondering how would just plain old overclocking it be better then making it a 5950 for eg? i mean wouldnt it unlock more power ?
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