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Default Very weird problem: GeForce 2 Mx 400, kernel 2.4.22, Xorg 6.7, nvidia 5336

I'm running Gentoo with a 2.4.22 kernel, and nvidia and glx modules 5336, on Xorg 6.7. the card is a GeForce 2 Mx 400, 32MB.
If I run the X server with "nv" module, i.e. without accelleration, it works fine, but following the nvidia directives to use the accellerated drivers (loading "nvidia" and "glx" modules) gives me a blank screen running startx.
/var/log/Xorg.0.log reports no errors, everything seems fine, but it actually doesn't work.

I've tried practically everything.

The problem first arose when I tried to switch to kernel 2.6.7, had my difficulties, then booted back to 2.4.22. From that very moment, the nvidia thing stopped working.

Can anyone help me figuring out what's happening?

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