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Default Re: Official AquaMark 3 thread

Well, IMO it's still relevant. However, I do have a feeling that a lotta ppl run this while their CP is se to "No AF"... Then other people have it set to application preference, or the 4x that AQ3 asks for, and we all compare results like it's apples to apples... Same thing for 3dmark03... Methinks lots ppl bust out their scores not realizing it pwnz Joe X's score because they have the obligatory AF turned off in CP...

I'm not looking at this in any askew way, am I? My testing on both a 6800NU and a 5800U support this reasoning...

Heh, I don't know how long it took me to notice that 3dmark wants to run with 4xAF enabled.. heh

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