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Question Mandrake_9.2 + 440BX + FX5700, Anyone Successful?

Let me first apologize for abusing this forum - I lost my patience going through various (sticky or not ) threads in this forum.

I'd like to know whether anyone has been successful in using the nvidia linux drivers with fx-5700 on the ancient 440BX board.

I was running a GF MX200 without any problem (with the NVIDIA drivers ) earlier but the hardware upgrade has caused the loss of glx capabilities. There is no problem with 2d apps but for anything involving glx the screen freezes.

I am aware of the "screen frozen but mouse moves" thread but it seems others have managed to get around the problem in FC2 and had newer mobo+cpu .

In Win2K I don't have any problem - so the problem is not with the hardware. It
might be in the kernel or in the nvidia driver.

I have tried using the 6111, 6106, 5336 sets but no luck yet. My MOBO doesn't allow
me to tweak the AGP setting ( hardly a surprise at it allows only AGP-2X ).

So can any kind help me out here regarding what to do :

a) Should I upgrade to Mdk_10.0?


b) Get a FX-5200 ?


c) Use another Mdk kernel ( I use currently 2.4.22-28mdk ) ?


d) Keep on waiting for Andy M. to come up with newer driver announcements solving my problem?

e) Anything other than the above ( like getting a new cpu+mobo - which I am planning to do at the end of the year) ?

Sorry for the long post - and thanks for your attention.


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