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Default Re: Would you like to see a benchmark demo using PS3.0?

I noticed that in the case of the softshadows demo that comes with the 8th revision of NVidia SDK.
Basically we fetch 8 samples of a shadow texture, check if all of em are within the shadow area, if it's the case, our current fragment will be unlit.
However if some of those pixels are lit, that means we're on a shadow edge and hence need to fetch up to 64 jittered samples for the softshadow effect.
If done in a pure PS 2.0 fashion, we're going to have to fetch 64 samples all the time, whereas with a PS3.0 hardware we can skip a lot of sampling by determining whether we're on an edge or not through the first initial 8 samples.
According the performance counter, PS 3.0 averages 45-50 FPS whereas PS2.0 can hardly maintain a frame rate of 30 FPS.
But as you can see, 45-50 ain't too good, at least in my opinion.
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