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Default Re: A64 3200+ 1Mb Cache+eVGA 6800GT, 3Dmark2k3, WoW !

Originally Posted by Malficar
A waterblock and being creatively "ghetto" with a portable AC unit got me to 492/1.30. I am not saying this approach will work for everybody and I have seen legit scores in the mid 14's when the Ultra core is from 470-500 on a rig like yours.

EDIT: Some drivers do perform better than others in 3dmark03. For me it takes 3.81, 254(3-3-2-5) with Turbo GAT, and the card on 492/1.30. I have seen a guy with a 3.06 at 3.4 with an Ultra on 480/1.30 pull 14.1. The best AMD+Ultra score I have seen in a forum was from a FX-53 of course with a card at 499/130. He was doing 14, 723.
I agree that legit 14000 scores are obtainable in 03 with the Ultra even on air. That's why I posted my 3DMark03 compare score of over 14000. I just wanted to see the original posters compare link seeing that he is claiming a score of well over 15000 with a GT.
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