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Default Re: New Elder Scrolls game coming?

Originally Posted by vampireuk
It's a shame they didn't make Morrowind a online game, that could have been so awesome
I'm pretty sure they specifically said that they wanted a single-player game that has the same elements and massive world that was usually only seen in MMO games. And I do support them in that: the game would've simply been just another MMO (or even non-MM) RPG if they had gone that route, but thanks to it's single-player focus the game is extremely customisable though plugins and mods, and is a lot different from most other single-player RPGs. Still, a 4-player coop mode might've been cool, but given how saturated the MMORPG market was a few years ago when it was released I don't think it would've gotten much praise if it was just another $12.95 a month game. Now an MMORPG Fallout, THAT I would love
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