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Default Re: New driver Nforce and Kernel 2.6.x?

Originally Posted by HJHiaatje
I used the Linux NForce Driver and all wordek ok. I got on the internet. But after some updates from SUSE. i bow have a new kernel and my internetconnection is gone. Whgen i try to reinstall the driver it says that it can not find the kernel source tree for the currently running kernel.
The nforce driver has to be compiled for the version of the kernel you are running. If it is a well-known version, nVidia may have compiled it already, and the compiled binary version can simply be installed. If not (for example, the kernel version is new, or you have built your own kernel) the installer will have to compile the driver to match your kernel.

To do that you need to download the kernel-source package that matches the kernel you downloaded. You will also need a C compiler, but I assume that your distribution includes one. Download and install the kernel-source, then try the re-install of the nforce driver again.
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