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Default artifacts, screen unreadable after exiting X

I have a geForce mx 420 (as shown by lspci -v) and the latest nvidia driver, 6111. The system is Slackware 10 running WindowMaker or BlackBox.

When I exit X, the screen only shows little block artifacts, dark blue, light blue, red. It's like the text has been exploded because the artifacts appear to be in 3 lines across the screen, each line takes up a wide path across the screen. And, although it is unreadable, I can restart X by 'blindly' typing in startx or I can 'blindly' type in su - and then reboot to get rid of the artifacts.

I just ran a swaret --update and --upgrade with VERSION=current and the problem persists.

Has anybody else seen this and what's the fix?

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