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Exclamation Fedora C2 Nforce, caused kernel panic.

I saw there Nvidia put 2.6 suport in the new drivers so I figure I would load up FC2 and go. Well I install, update, and go DL the driver (Im running 2.6.8-1.X) and BAM, kernel panis as at 30% while copying the moduels to kernel tree.....

So I figure maye I will use the defult kernel (2.6.5-1.X) and I get the same thing, dumps alot of what looks to be kex code at me, then ;
<0> Kernel Panic: Fatal Exeption in interupt
Interupt handeler not syncing

I didnt see anything on FC2 issues on the board, but I didnt look at the reease date either. So I thought I could put this up just incase im not the only one.


Asus MoBo
512 megs of ram
Nforce one
Nvidia Fx (128)
AMD Athlon 2000
....Other stuff....Just ask and I will look in to it. Im on my laptop...Computer is DOA right now.... (

I ran it in a GUI and all went well. Well kind of. Getting no sound at all now. I dont even know where to start to trouble shoot. I am not getting errors, other then when I shut down it says there is no sopund card, and when I I got to "Auto detect sound card" the old intel driver is still there....

Might it be because when I restarted it asked about the new hardware I told it to configure it?

If anyone has any ideas...Feel free to replay.


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