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Default Re: TV shows only upper left quarter of the screen

This is normal. In case of twinview (extended desktop) the virtual resolution becomes 2*highest_resolution in the metamode. In total the virtual resolution is 2560x1024. When you use clone the resolution of both devices is the same as the highest one. The resolution for the TV is then 1280x1024 of which 800x600 is visible. If you want to reach the other part of the 1280x1024, you could write this 800x600@1280x1024. Clone mode is not the mode you should use for movie playback on your TV. For example use non-clone twinview combined with a mediaplayer (xine/mplayer) that supports xinerama (you need to enable it), then the movie will be fullscreen on the tv although its resolution is 1280x1024. Further you could also try the seperate X desktop approach. Look this forum for more examples or check the driver docs.
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