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Default Weird Graphics Problem with PNY 6800GT

Im having some issues with my PNY 6800GT, Its only in certain games but these games are new titles so it scares me more.

The problem is I would get horrible lines jetting out from models in games, this so far has happened in the new Medal of Honor demo and in the Everquest 2 Beta. Both are supposly SM3.0 enabled games, Farcry with the Beta SM3.0 path gives me no problems at all. I have tried various drivers with it happening in all them (from 61.72 -> 66.00). I also have the official release of DirectX9c. Im also using the latest PNY bios, rev02.

Im running the card at stock speeds currently but have tested it at 420/1100 in other games without any issue, but in these two games I get issues no matter if ats stock speeds or overclocked.

Could this be a driver issue or something much worse? I thought it could be my card overheating but during a 30min of rthdribl I have yet to see it go above 75C, on idle its around 55C.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

System Specs:
AMD64 3200
Biostar K8VHA Pro
1GB DDR400
PNY 6800GT
Sparkle 530PSU

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
Everquest 2 Beta
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