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Default Computer Freeze - Sony Vaio

Hi to everybody,

I would like to ask if there is a way to get rid of this anoying
computer freezes I have from time to time. I use a laptop from Sony
and it is a

Sony Vaio PCG-GRT816S
nVidia FX5600
Slacware 10.0
nVidia 6111-pkg1 drivers from nvidia

I know this freezes are because of the nvidia drivers as when I
use the computer in console I can leave it for days and it does
not freeze. After the computer freeze once I can only switch it of
by holding the switch on/off key for few seconds.

It happens sometimes that it freezes immediately after loading a
window manager or once it happened also during the loading of the
gdm login manager.

The motherborad on that machine is a SIS motherboard. Now I would
like to help in some way to solve this also but don't know where to

Once I saw also an oops in ma log files and I posted it to the lkml but
then some person told me that this message will be ignored as it
clearly shows that this is a nvidia module fault.

If someone interested in helping out would be very nice.

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