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Arrow Re: What card to buy?

I agree with your performance assessment ragejg, but Cally's use-case is for a non-gamer where the need for AA and overclockability is below raw image quality.

OEMs of NV25/28 used an external TMDS/LVDS transmitter for DVI, while OEMs of NV3x single-DVI cards (DVI+VGA) tend to save money by using NVIDIA's internal transmitter, especially for cheaper NV34 and NV31 (5200, 5600) cards. The internal NVIDIA transmitter tends to be lower quality than an external Philips, SiI or Chrontel transmitter.

EDIT: Cally what this boils down to is that a discounted high-quality card from 2002 (GeForce4 Ti 4200) might suit your purposes better than an inexpensive card from 2004 (GeForce FX 5200 or 5600). I can detect a difference between DVI on my 4200 and 5200, and the older 4200 is better.
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