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Default Half Life 2 RC pushed back ....again....

Remember when Lombardi said they would have a RC for Vivendi by mid august, then later said by the "end" of august? Well- Gamespot just did a rumor control about it looks to be pushed back to 9/15....valve and dates go together like Newell and Jenny Craig.

RUMOR #1: Half-Life 2 will ship in November.

Source: A Wedbush Morgan report issued earlier this week.

The official story: "No comment." – a VU Games spokesperson.

What we heard: Analyst Michael Pachter's report states it clear as day: "…we also expect three PC games to break the million-unit threshold in 2004, including… November's Vivendi-Universal (V-Not Rated) release Half-Life 2."

Before asking Vivendi for confirmation, we went to marketing rep Doug Lombardi at Valve. "We're currently planning to send release candidates to Vivendi by September 15th," he told us. The timing's right. "However," he adds before we can get our hopes up, "VUG hasn't given us a ship date yet. Might be best for you to ask them directly. Let me know what you hear."

Bogus or not bogus?: GameSpot to Doug: They said "No comment." Seriously, if they're not telling you, you figure they'd tell us, right? Right? GameSpot to readers: In any case: Not bogus. Happy Thanksgiving.

So last year @ E3 when they said 9/30...t'was a lie....this year when they said "this summer" t'was a lie. I assume the unofficial November wont even see a release. :: rubs hands:: My $50 dollar bet of it not coming till next year is looking good. How many think come November they'll still be talking about getting a RC done?
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