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Default Asus v9560 - Fx5600

I was wondering why why i try to overclock this card it makes the card infact LESS stable and i get a major decrease in FPS on my games and artifacts, and i only increase it by 10mhz, my friend with his MSI version can far outdo my card so that got me thinking that something is wrong with the Asus card for overclocking

Is there any way for me to overclock successfully? Or is it just me?

And what would be very good drivers to play CSS or Doom3 with this card
the 61.77's get me around 30 fps in CSS and doom3

Doom 3 settings are 800x600, Medium Quality with no AA or AF
CSS settings are Everything of high with no AA of AF

30 fps is the lowest i get

Thats in advance for the help
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